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Week 7 23nd-27th August 2004
Well, nothing for the last two weeks due to a cock up by the roof contractors..... but hopefully back on track now
Wednesday..... finally the roof trusses go up

 Thw wall is coming along too....2m to keep the peasants out  :o)

The footings for the wall actually went down at the end of last week as there was no house building to do with lack of roof trusses. Thursday afternoon

Everything seems to have accelerated again now.... reckon the roof will be finished by the end of the week.

Rain forecast tonight, so with all the roof felted at least it shouldn't fill up
great being nosey up on the scaffolding   :)

 You get a good view of the garden too

 End of the week and the roof is on

You can see this from the mini roundabout now.

This is from the top of the old canal bridge.
With the roof on, you can see the velux

 Inside the attic

This is gonna be MY domain.... me little gym
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