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Week 2 19th-23rd July 2004
Day 3

Floor insulation and the DPC go down first thing in the moring Day 3

Concrete for the slab

On top of the DPC and polystyrene insulation Day 3

Well someones got to do it.

Sean makes sure the slab is well spread.
Day 3

End of day 3 and the inner blockwork is up to the kitchen window Day 4

The wall plate is up and outer block work keyed and ready for new blocks. Day 4

The face blocks arrive, so they can start to go up.
Day 4

Face blocks for the back too.... gided in by Frank Day 4

T-break time for Dan, Chris and Sean Day 4

Inner wall done and the face blocks and insulation are all on their way up
Day 4

Very good progress Day 4

Always trying to get in on the act....I should call her Dylan Day 4

Ah... the real Dylan... just checking things out
Day 5

Sean continues the face block work, and the floor joists have also gone up. Day 5

Ahead of schedule so probabably no building tomorrow as the scaffolding doesn't arrive until Friday. Day 7

Really just the 6th day of building, but a nice scenic shot anyway
Day 7

Could be a house in Imber Day 7

Well it's the end of week 2 and really the scaffolding should be up, but good progress anyway.
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