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Well it’s happening..... at last

Started Thursday 16th July 2004

Clearing some of the old fencing, Dylan decides to lend a paw Dday Extension


The day before the digging started the fence came down and the digger was delivered. It was all there ready for an early start next day. Day 1

1.9m foundations ready for the concrete
Day 1

Sewer Pipe at the back of the house 

Bridged and packed ready for the concrete. Day 1

Sewer pipe at the front of the house.

Bridged and packed ready for the concrete. Day 1

Builders have gone home and Dylan investigates
Day 2

Friday lunctime and the first course of blocks is down ready for the slab Day  2

Friday afternoon and the outer skin is on it's way down

Dylan getting a bit scared by all the banging Day 2

Still knocking the wall down
Day 2

Well I finish early Friday, so I lend as hand getting the old block loaded onto the pickup. Day 2

End of week 1

No outer wall and nicely fenced off EARLY saturday morning

and the thermalite blocks arrive coutesy of Travis & Perkins
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