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Sorry, Poached from the Beed for posterity
Sky Chase

Manuel Presti, from Italy, wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 for his swirling image of a flock of starlings evading a peregrine falcon. The WPY is jointly organised each year by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Toad Orgy

Ruben Smit, from The Netherlands, wins the Animal Behaviour: All Other Animals category. To get this image of mating toads, Ruben pushed his camera into the pond in a watertight housing. So frenzied is the activity down there that toads tried to mate with his hands. Swans at Dawn

In February, temperatures in Hokkaido, Japan, can plunge to -20C. Over-wintering swans seek out thermal lakes, where there are always patches of melted ice. Martin Eisenhawer, from Germany, wins the Animals In Their Environment category.
Mount Kilimanjaro

Martyn Colbeck, from the UK, took this stunning and evocative image of elephants on his birthday. Mount Kilimanjaro is more than 25 miles away. This moment of magic wins Martyn the Nature In Black And White category. Snapper Shoal

The Bohar snapper is as fearsome as it looks, being one of the larger reef predators in the Red Sea. Alexander Mustard, from the UK, wins the Animal Portraits category for this shot. The snappers gather in large numbers during their spawning season.
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