Neil Crookes

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A versatile, enthusiastic and engaging individual; with a broad knowledge base and the ability to adapt quickly and successfully to new challenges. I have a strong analytical mind when faced with a problem or a project specification and I am able to communicate well with people at all levels.

Involved in tyre product testing for the last 7 years (prior 11 years in product design and development); EU/global regulations on test rigs and vehicles, NVH, semi anechoic chamber,  Ford OE @ Lommel, Winter @ Arctic Falls and Test World , temperate at MIRA and Idiada, global regulations rig and track and all in an ISO17025 environment I've led in that 7 years.

A keen interest in science, technology and engineering in the world around us gives me the aptitude to engage technical assignments with a passion both in the workplace and at home where I often have personal projects on the go.

I have an affinity with motor vehicles developed from my early years, growing up with cars and motorcycles. I am willing to travel and am able to work sympathetically with different cultures around the world as demonstrated through collaboration on joint overseas projects in the Far East and Africa and through my testing work around many parts of Europe and the US.

For years fascinated by the weather, which also helps with my love of photography and newly found videography both land and drone when time allows.



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